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Missing my bunnies
« on: August 23, 2011, 02:52:22 AM »
I've been missing having my bunnies around a lot lately. As you may or may not know, I used to have 2 bunnies before I had rats. So.. this is going to be a sort of memorial to them.

When I was in third grade, my older sister who was in college, called my mom to beg her for a bunny that she saw at the pet store. I of course overheard, and wanted one too. My mom REALLY didn't want to give in, but of course she did, and my sister reserved the two brothers.
We went back sometime, my memory is a little foggy because of how long ago it was, but my sister showed me the two, and asked which one I wanted, and I picked the baby with the white nose, so hers was the baby with the black nose. I named mine Bunnicula, because those were my favorite books when I was that old. Hers was Thumper.

First we just kept them in 2 way too small cages, but then we could hear them THUMPing in their cages at night, and we began to rabbit proof the extra room they were in and just let them free range all the time.

Rabbits, if you may or may not know, have a DEADLY FEAR of swish pants. Please, for the rabbits, do not wear these unstylish pants, or let your dorky third grader.

Bunnicula used to give me kisses back then. It was super cute. I'm not sure why they stopped being as sweet as he used to. We never acted differently towards them. We always tried to bond. I may have been a bit excessive with wanting to be with them, since I was a little kid who loved animals a lot.

We eventually had to get them neutered. They reached a point where the two inseperable brothers began to hump each other violently >.< So it had to happen. Plus, their male bits were obnoxious  :BlueDumboSmileTongue:

After their neuters, they went back to being friendly with each other. At some point in my life, my sister was interning in Florida, and she found a little white bunny in a box in a parking lot :( She ended up bringing him home with her, but our bunnies refused to accept him. His name was Pete, and he was EXTREMELY sweet and cuddly, and hard for me to give up. I think I was in 4th grade. But we managed to find a good home for him. I was still extremely sad.

My mom ended up wanting the extra room to herself, so my dad built the rabbits their own pen. It would have been GM approved in its size  :thumbsup2:

My boys had always been kinda timid, but they would scaredly cuddle with me, and I miss them, especially my Bunnicula. They reached 9 years, and my mom just found Thumper in the litter box. They wouldn't let me bury him. He was just trash.. After that, Bunnicula stopped eating, and we couldn't get him to even eat a treat. We found him dead as well, but we knew it was coming :(

I miss my boys.

A very bad picture of both of them, and unfortunately my only one with Thumper.

My only picture of Pete.

Some easter banner with Bunnicula. He was propped on my lap. I wasn't just holding him like that.

My rat children:  Storm, Charlie, and Nimbus

Rest in Peace Echo, Skye, Murdock, Dirk, Duck, & Weetzie

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Re: Missing my bunnies
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2012, 07:57:29 AM »
Aww, it sounds like considering your age you did a pretty good job with them. And 9 years is pretty okay for a bun! Bunnicula looks like he was quite a sweety
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