Author Topic: 4 males, 5 females in Milwaukee, WI Private adopters and/or Shelter NEED HELP!  (Read 440 times)

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I really need to find homes or a rattie shelter for my babies... four older males (two are probably about 3 now and and two are about 2), five 1 1/2 year old females. I have a two story rattie proofed FN that can be donated (as well as all of their "accessories"). My husband has, now, *severe* allergies and he keeps having asthma attacks from the rattie dander. :( I'm afraid to get them out at this point in fear that the dander blowing around might spark more asthma attacks/allergic reactions. All of the kids are healthy and and I do check on them/interact with them on a daily basis, but I know it's not fair for my husband OR the rats at this point to keep them with us. I do not want to drop them off at the local shelter because I'm afraid that they will not be well cared for or homed. Someone please help??
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Are these ratties still in need of a place to stay? 9 rats is too much for me, but I could probably help by fostering a few.

If you need to take them into the shelter, I have quite a few friends who work at Wisc. Humane. They have a few staff members who are good with rats and rats that aren't agouti or hooded tend to move fairly quickly. Common colored rats tend to stay in the shelter for quite a while, but as long as they don't have aggression issues, the shelter stands by their no-kill policy.

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