Author Topic: Charles 4/20/07 -- 10/27/11  (Read 745 times)

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Charles 4/20/07 -- 10/27/11
« on: October 31, 2011, 02:49:21 AM »
I still remember the day he came into this world.  The now hubby and I had been dating a month and a half and I was over visiting him and his roommate Jessi.  Jessi had recently taken in a black and white fluff ball that was given up because she was preggo, and her previous owner's excuse for not getting her spayed was "I didn't think a brother and sister would do that"

Needless to say, here began the life of my "speshul" cat.  He was the third one born, at a little after 2 in the morning.  We had been hanging out when we realized Persephone had gone missing and I found her in the closet on the 19th.  I managed to get to stay beside her without stressing her out and got to see the four cutest fluff balls ever.  We knew the kittens didn't stand a chance, since Persephone and Kyo (the dad) were both Maine Coon mixes and extremely floofy.  The kittens also proved that you get gorgeous colors... from inbreeding.  His three sisters consisted of a tortie, a calico, a dilute calico and Charles with his lovely blue and white markings.

By the time they were 2 weeks old, Charles' three sisters had a home, but no one wanted the boy.  I already had two cats and didn't want to take another one, especially since the hubby had claimed the calico sister.  By the time they were three weeks old, we knew something was wrong with Charles.  All three of his sisters had their eyes open, but not my boy.  We waited another few days and then called the vet, who suggested who try the inside corner of his eye and try to ease them open a bit.  Following her suggestions (and with her still on the phone) we began to ease his eyes open and I panicked when white pus began to ooze out of the small opening I had just created.  I rushed him to the vet and after a few days of reopening and cleaning out his eyes we got his eyes open and confirmation that he could see... though I don't believe he had perfect vision, and there always seemed to be a half second delay from something moving and his eyes "following".  Feeling completely sorry for the tiny ball of fur (and already having a vet bill to pay for him) I decided that no one else would want a half blind male fluff ball and began debating names.

He's never been a healthy cat.  His one sister we still keep in contact with must have gotten the good genes, and my poor boy didn't.  He would have severe reactions from fleas, didn't take well to change, but was a complete and total cuddle bug when it came to the dogs and all the other animals that paraded through our house and then when I had to move back home, my parents house.

He was my chunky monkey, weighing in around 18 pounds, but he wasn't fat, though he probably could have lost a pound or two, but due to his bad vision he wasn't a very active cat.  He was a lover and a fighter up until the end, and he will be missed dearly by my husband and myself, and his two furry sibling he's left behind.

I love you Charles!  You'll always have a special place in my heart...

-- The tiny floof ball who was so fluffy, he was hard to bring in focus
-- The only clear photo of him as a kitten
-- Lazy little boy
-- He was always a curious boy, checking out the ac vent with his litter mate Esther
-- The Lazyness didn't end as he aged
-- And he became the toilet paper's worst enemy... I can't count how many rolls he nommed upon and destroyed
-- Snuggling with Allegra, the queen who rules our apartment
-- Taking a snooze with the hubby's cat Garfield

Goodbye my handsome boy, you'll never have to go to the hated vet's office and you'll never be sick again.  Play hard at the bridge and one day I'll be there to love on you again.

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Re: Charles 4/20/07 -- 10/27/11
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Re: Charles 4/20/07 -- 10/27/11
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Re: Charles 4/20/07 -- 10/27/11
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2011, 10:22:14 PM »
Charles was beautiful.  ♥  I'm sorry for your loss.