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Bridget Floo H.
« on: January 01, 2012, 12:55:57 AM »
Taking a deep breath and returning to the kitty section of GM.  It's been hard to skip over, but harder to come in since October, but our house has a new family member and if you saw this thread then this fluffy face should be familiar.

Meet the newest member of the family... Floo (which is either short for Floofy Face or Floo Network on account of her looking like she rolled in the fireplace):

I've had such mixed emotions about her, that I haven't even told many people about her.  Part of me wonders if I'm just trying to replace Charles, but on the other hand, I've been trying to catch her or get close to her since before Charles ever got sick.  Her mama reappeared shortly after Charles passed, I had been sitting out on the porch and she just showed up, Floo in tow and wanted attention.  Floo would have nothing to do with me, but eventually got to where I could sit close to her, and then eventually touch her.  It's only been the past month that Floo has turned into a complete and total glutton for scratches and attention.

I asked my landlord about the cats and he said that Lil Mama's owners had moved from the apartment into the house (that's right beside the apartments and owned by him) and as far as he was concerned all the cats belonged to Mama's owner.  Mama had disappeared because she had been taken to the vet and shall no longer be increasing the cat population xD

Hubby and I are planning on making Floo an inside cat whenever we move, but since that day hasn't come yet (and Floo barely tolerates being held) she's staying outside with her Mama.  There's just not enough space in our tiny apartment with two other cats, three humans and the rats to bring in another feline.  We figure when we move it'll all be neutral territory and we can bring her inside then.  Thanks to the large flower pot on my porch, I know she's semi-litter trained... she'll climb in the pot to potty when I'm sitting outside loving on them which makes me laugh.

She has an appointment for in a few days to go see a vet and make sure she's good to go (and so we don't have to worry about her and having babies).  The vet is even going to keep her a few extra days to make sure she heals, after hearing about us not being able to keep her inside.  Now if only we could find another rattie vet, the world would be almost perfect again... a little duller, since we lost our sweet boy, but it's starting to shine again.

-- ear scratches are the best
-- so is leg rubbing
-- Mama still comes to visit
-- blurry but you can see her pretty eye color
-- Mama and Floo

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Re: Bridget Floo H.
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2012, 12:50:32 PM »
She is beautiful!

Sometimes it takes a cat to fill the void another cat left, but that doesn't mean she's a replacement.  You love her for her, that much is obvious from your post.   :)