Author Topic: giving my bunny pills?  (Read 2071 times)

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giving my bunny pills?
« on: January 09, 2012, 12:33:53 AM »
The vet I went to gave me pills and a pill-gun for my bunny's eye infection. I wanted liquid but he insisted. I've been having little to no luck. I am sure I am doing it right, but it's hard. I push the shooter as far back as I can without, you know, seriously hurting her, I shoot it and remove it, and I hold her mouth closed for as long as she lets me. But she holds the pills in her mouth until I let go and then spits them out. And every day she seems to be better at not taking them. The first night I got her to take them, the second night it took me like 7 tries but I got it, and tonight I had to give up and she didn't take them. Plus it is so stressful for her, and I feel like I might hurt her. The meds are Baytrill and Prednisolone (yes, TWO pills) :doh:. I am thinking of giving them to her in treats or crushing or dissolving them. Does anyone know if that's okay? Cuz this vet had said something like, "She's not supposed to chew it, you want her to just swallow it." Is there really any harm in crushing or dissolving them or letting her chew them? Because the swallowing thing is not working.

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Re: giving my bunny pills?
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2012, 05:42:13 PM »
I know you posted this several months ago however I wanted to reply in case others need advice as well.

My rabbit went through a very serious abscessed tooth surgery back in June of 2011. He was on several medications and the last thing we wanted him to go through was us pushing a pill down his throat.

We decided to completely smash (ground up) the pills needed and mix within a small amount of smushed banana. This worked amazing. Now please be advised banana does have lots of sugar so will need to be given in minimal doses. Your rabbit will be focused more on the banana then the banana even having anything different in it, like smashed up pills.

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