Author Topic: Rabbit won't leave me alone  (Read 3551 times)

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Rabbit won't leave me alone
« on: February 01, 2012, 05:02:15 AM »
Hello! My sister rescued a rabbit from a horrible home just over a month ago. He was being kept outside in freezing temperatures in a hutch that he could barely turn around in. He's now being kept as an indoor rabbit and free ranges the house 24/7. I visit my sister very often (3 or 4 times a week) so he's very used to me. He's lovely and sociable and loves cuddles. But he will not leave me alone. He's constantly sitting behind my head on the back of the couch and when I don't give him attention he'll nudge my neck until I stroke him. His most common position to lay in is stretched out on his side but it often turns into where he lays with his back legs sticking straight out behind him. The only time I get a break from stroking him is when he goes to eat. No matter where in the house I am, he'll find me and beg for attention. He grooms a lot in front of me and grinds his teeth lightly as I stroke him. He sometimes makes a little high pitched chatter noise like a small bird.

He's 10 months old, hasn't been neutered, and has two female bunnies and two guinea pigs for company. He doesn't behave like this with anybody else and it's a little concerning. It's reached the point where I feel guilty for going home and leaving him! His sweet little face makes it hard to ignore his nudges for attention.

Is there an explanation for this behavior? Are a lot of bunnies like this with their owners? I've read a lot of things saying it takes a long time to bond and get a bunny to trust you, but it's like he's known me for years.

Thank you!

Edit: He will only respond to me when I call him or pat my lap to sit on me. I've never trained him to do it. He takes no notice of my sister or her son when they do it.
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Re: Rabbit won't leave me alone
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2012, 09:13:27 PM »
Honestly sounds like he's chosen you. Some animals just know who they'll click with. For example, my dog I got with my ex... Would never go to her or listen to her. Only me. Sounds like the case here.