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Sick/skinny mousie :(
« on: March 17, 2012, 08:08:26 PM »
I currently own three pet mice and one of them is housed apart from the others. They are all housed in bin cages. I have a couple of questions about the one who is housed apart.

She and one of my other mousies were squabbling and she ended up getting her ear chewed quite a bit, plenty of blood and everything  :-[ I felt terrible about it and immediately separated her as she seemed to be the instigator and the other mousie involved is a great mouse mama to the third mousie who was not involved, who is a bit of a runt and sometimes needs to be groomed or whatever. The attacker is named Alaska, the other involved mouse is Blackberry, and the shy mouse is Kumquat.

Alaska, after she was separated, fell ill in some way, became lethargic and wasn't eating/drinking enough. There were no other symptoms and she had no visible lumps. My parents refuse to bring the mousies to the vet. I did not know this before buying them or I would not have bought them, but that is how the situation is and I fear that they would be mistreated in another home so I have chosen to hold onto them. I know that the vet is by far the best option here but it's been ruled out.

Anyway, this was maybe two weeks ago, and honestly I was resigned to letting Alaska pass, so I left her in her tank for a week. While she grew thinner, nothing else changed, and since she seemed determined to hold on, one day I thought, "I'm going to get this mouse healthy again."

So I took her downstairs with me, slathered her hurt ear in antibiotic cream, and then took a dropper/plastic syringe medication thingy and fed her a bit of soy milk. Immediately she perked up a bit, possibly because of the struggle to get her to drink the milk (I had to coerce her into it a bit) but for a few hours after that she seemed to be doing much better.  Her belly felt a lot rounder and I was feeling kinda good about the situation.

Anyway, I've continued to feed her either soy milk or homemade gatorade (sugar, orange juice, and a miniscule amount of salt, I drink it myself) via the syringe and I've been giving her high fat foods and slightly sweet cereal, and she does seem to be doing better (eating and moving around a lot more).

My questions are as follows.

a. Could her illness have anything to do with her being depressed over being separated from the others, or stress? Could it be an infection of some sort from the wounded ear?

and b. What other high fat foods or preferably liquids can I give to her? Can I give her honey or blended banana, peanut butter, or yogurt? If you had taken in a malnourished mousie what would you give her to fatten her up? I truly believe that the feeding her liquid has helped a lot with her recovery.

and finally c. What else, short of bringing her to the vet, can I do to facilitate her recovery? Or do you think I should bring her to the vet to be euthanized? She doesn't seem to be in pain and she still seems to enjoy time with me and mucking about in her cage from time to time, so I'm inclined not to euthanize her, but I will consider it if you guys think it's likely she's in pain.

Thank you SO much for any help in advance, I really need it and I feel horrible for not posting here earlier. Please give CONSTRUCTIVE critisism on what I should have done differently or what I'm doing that's inhumane in your opinions. Please don't bash me too much though, I feel horrible about how the situation has gone so far and I could list many things I've done wrong. Thanks again,


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Re: Sick/skinny mousie :(
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2012, 03:18:04 PM »
Is she wheezing, sneezing, clicking, gasping, sides heaving when she breathes, etc.? It could be depression over the fight and being separated, as female mice need to be in groups.

Foods for fattening up. Avoid peanut butter and similar things. They can cause choking and many mice have allergies to peanuts. Try things like scrambled eggs, boiled chicken, fresh veggies, small amounts of fruit. Avoid sugars like sugary cereals. Yogurt is also fine.

If she is still eating and drinking, moving around, I'd say give her a chance before deciding on euthanasia. I wouldn't use antibiotic cream on her ear, but you can rinse it with saline/salt water (1 tablespoon salt to 8oz water.).

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Re: Sick/skinny mousie :(
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2012, 04:37:01 PM »
Thanks for the reply. No, she's always had a bit of a wheeze but that was even when she was healthy; I think it was just scarring on her lungs from an illness before I got her. She wasn't really moving or eating, but she's gotten a bit better and is now eating and drinking and moving around a bit, so I'm hopeful that she'll make a full recovery.