Author Topic: Rabbit isnt urinating after being neutered?  (Read 2124 times)

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Rabbit isnt urinating after being neutered?
« on: January 28, 2012, 05:05:00 PM »
So it has been 2 days since my rabbits neuter surgery and he is doing just fine, he has deficated but has not urinated. Should I be worried about this?
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Re: Rabbit isnt urinating after being neutered?
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2012, 05:37:44 PM »
I would deff. consult a doctor. This is NOT normal. However I do want to mention, with going through such an intense experience, your rabbit may experience unusual behavior, resulting in urinating in odd locations. Are you sure your baby isn't just using the 'loo' under your bed, behind the couch, etc?
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