Author Topic: Need to sell some stuff to cover Mr. Grey's Medical Bills and Treatment (NC)  (Read 2289 times)

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I have lots of things i need to sale to help Mr Grey. If anybody would want to donate to his medical fund you can donate it to the vet clinic i can get the info so you can check it out.

--Tanning Bed $500 (Pick Up Only)
--Digital Camera $35
-- Bird cage with stand $100(Pick up Only)
-- Mens Silver wedding band ($150)
-- Hartz PlayCity Hamster/Mouse cage $15
--Custom made Snake/Reptile enclosure (wood/plexiglass) $50 (pick up only)
-- Custom chrome framed 10 gallon tank $15
--10 gallon tank $10
-- Zoo Med Heat Cave $15
-- Stuffed animals (Lots of them) Mostly Bears and Bunnies (prices and sizes vary)
--Nancy Drew PC Games $10 each have like 6 of them (paid 19.99+tax)
-- Pet Carriers - price varies depending on size and condition.
--Metal dog bowls $2.00 each
-- Pirate purse $5.00
-- Camo Purse $5.00
--Black Purse with black and white ribbon $5.00
-- Hunter Green Formal Dress $30
Ill add more stuff as i think of it, please take a look at what i have so far.... I would prefer the heavy stuff be picked up in person,