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If you are looking for an adorable, bonded and settled pair of girls then please take a peek at Mittens and Paisley.  Overlooked last year during last year's craziness with the two hoarding cases, this sweet duo is more than ready to go home.  They truly love each other and can always be found snuggled up together.  They are being fostered in

Paisley is the more outgoing "sister" and loves to explore and check out new people (and other animals too) but always makes her rounds back to give plenty of kisses. She enjoys shoulder riding and just sitting on your lap while you watch TV or do computer work. She loves her cage mates and enjoys afternoons just lounging in the hammock! She has a very laid back personality and seems to get along well with everyone she meets.

Mittens is the more reserved sister, but she does warm up quickly and once she sees the rest of her gang is ready to come out and play, so is she!  She is a playful and sweet rattie who relies on her more outgoing "sister" and follows her lead.

If you are interested in giving them the forever family they have been hoping for please send an email to to find out what the next step is.

All adoption fees are waived for this deserving pair of senior ratties!