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British Columbia, Canada- Neutered Rabbit
« on: July 27, 2012, 02:34:48 AM »
Hello! I forgot I had an account here. Since some of my other forums have died I might become more active here... But, anyway, this post is for my rabbit. This is the copy and paste of my post on several Facebook groups:

This is Hammurabi (Hamm for short). He's an almost-three neutered sweet, loving, kinda fat rabbit who needs a new home in Prince George (or anywhere in BC and close places in Alberta). For people who live eight hours away I am willing to meet halfway.

He can hold his own against cats, isn't afraid of dogs, and bugs my bird. He is gregarious and curious, inspecting everyone and everything that comes through the door. He absolutely adores getting scratched and stroked and will bug you incessantly for more love. His favourite food is herbs (especially the flavourful *cough*expensive*cough* ones like sage and mint) and his favourite treat is raisins, with bananas coming in a close second.

Hammurabi comes with a homemade NIC condo (as seen here I took out the second level but it's easily added back in as most of the work has already been done. He comes with all of his toys, his carrier, leftover hay and food, his brushes, and well, everything.

As to the reason he's being rehomed. I am extremely allergic to him and his hay. I bought the least allergenic/dusty kind and wear gloves when I fill his rack but it still gives me allergic reactions. His fur does the same thing and I don't feel it's fair that he has to live without affection because I can't touch him. He does have a negotiable rehoming fee. I really hope that someone can give him the home he deserves and all the love he wants (which is a whole lot).