Author Topic: NORTH EAST TEXAS Rat pups free to good home + Caresheets and Month of food  (Read 556 times)

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I have 6 young rats. Dumbo and Standard ear mix.  Doe is somewhat of a 'petstore quality" and the Male has a pedigree (3Gen), The doe managed to get out and breed with my Buck, figures ;-;
They were born yesterday, so there is no rush and you have time to select them, and make sure all homing situations are a go.
I would prefer if they were taken in same sex pairs, but if you already have a handful, I understand.
Remember to quarantine from any other rats you may have.
They will come with a care sheet/background/food so they may transition over properly and with as little stress as possible.
If you would like pictures of the Mother and Father as well as the kits and their genders, current diet please email me at

I will reply on a same-day basis.

NOTE: These are NOT feeder rats, I want the best for them, they aren't snake food. ;P

Thanks c:

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I tried to email you. I am interested in your babies. Where are you located, I am in tyler.
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