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Introductions and Updates.
« on: August 21, 2012, 09:16:27 PM »
I'll try to keep it short and sweet.


You may remember this one. She was born on 01/01/2012. She's turning out to be a long hair which I was not happy about but it happens. It's only in her tail, but still. It's still nice to have them because it will bring out the coat in cats with shorter than desired coats. And she's a love so I can not part with her. She's taken on a strong mother role within the house. Even going as far as to produce milk... not pleased about that. She's not even bred, and she's only 7.5 months... milk at that age, my goodness. My old barn cat used to do this, but at 7 months, what the.


My little Blue Smoke Torti and white. She is 4.5 months. Her coat hasn't came in yet, but that's normal for the babies. She is out of my mother's cats and long story short, some guy bought her from my mother, decided after less than a day he didn't want her anymore because she peed on hi rug and cried. It's a baby, and he let it just run all over, he was asking for it (funny how holding the kitten and keeping it confined while away for a mere 3 days cleared this all up but whatever). Mother drove down to meet him to take the kitten back, but when they got stuck in traffic and was running 1.5 hours behind he decided to throw her in the shelter. They were driving 7-8 hours one way to get her mind you. Needless to say a week and some later we were able to adopt her back. And since I had wanted this kitten since I saw this kitten, sadly she was already spoken for by the time I saw her, I decided to keep her for myself. Any guesses as to where I had to drive through to pick her up?


This chunky beast came all the way from Poland. He's such a fat lovable tard. I bought him because the breeder (will mention below) never got back to me about a male I was meant to buy. It was a huge hassle and when I gave up on her I found this little guy. I had him at my house in a mere 2 weeks after contacting the breeder. He's not perfect, but he comes from great lines and is a 100% complete outcross. Plus Madison looked horrible at his age and she turned out pretty nice with time. Which it worked out better because low and behold the other male ended up being related to my girls anyway.

Coco Chanel

This little girl was from Washington. I won't mention names, even though I really really want to. At first she was a he, and I wanted him for my new male. A month later I was informed he was infact a she, I asked about another male. She took forever to the point they were all spoken for. I asked about a different one I liked, nothing. I gave up and bought Pilgor. Literally a day after I send the money she responds. Ugh. I still really liked the looks of this kitten and decided oh what the hey, I'll do it! Stupid mistake. I was getting too cocky with my good luck and buying that I didn't listen to my guts when I first gave up on this breeder. Our guy picks the kitten up on Wednesday night, like 11pm. I get the kitten on Thursday at 8pm. (the guy has no other cats at his home, no animals at all infact. And he bleaches eveeerything). I go to work, come home Friday at 6:30pm to find she has a prolapsed rectum. Of course, a friday night! Always a friday night. I call around to a few vets back home. Some say it is ok over night, the others say that it needs to go in now. So the fact that either way, I'm going to the e-vets since she can not stay like this until Monday, I figure I'm going in now. They tried to put it back in with no drugs. They gave her drugs to decrease the swelling her in rectum. They gave her stronger drugs. And eventually they had to knock her out, give her yet stronger drugs and to a purse stitch to keep it in place. Took them all night. I pick her up the next morning. The next morning after that (we're in Sunday now) I wake up and she's foul smelling and all backed up. It's dead clear she has Giardia. And from how bad she was I was afraid I'd have to take her back in. I could not keep up with her blockage and her new stitches were just covered in poop that would not come clean. Not fun. So I emailed the breeder asking for some of the money back for the vet visit. Giardia does not happen over night so the kitten clearly came with it. The breeder ignored me. Great. My mom emailed her. She told my mother I was irresponsible for taking the cat into the vets to have unnecessary surgery and therefor my contact (that I never received) was void. And that me putting the cat in multiply environments is what caused the cat to have a prolapse. But she at first was saying how it was my fault for letting the guy who picked her up keep her at his house, then turned around and said it was my fault for not keeping it there for 2 weeks. THEN before I even got her, I told her I wanted her by a certain time to show her for the show that just happened to get her used to everyone and thing before going to the show and stressing her out even more. She said "oh it'll be fine, she's ok with everyone" and wanted to ship her mere days before the show. I was lucky to get her a week prior to the show. Didn't matter anyway because I couldn't take her. She was sicker than animals I've seen come in off the streets and I would have been laughed and or probably kicked out of the show hall for bringing her. She went off her food for the past couple days so my mother took her and after another round of de-worming she's finally eating again and putting on weight. The woman got remarried so all the information did not link back to her. And just ugh. So annoyed by this kitten. I feel bad because it's not the kitten's fault and she has such an adorable personality that you can't help but feel heartbroken when you look at her. I wanted to give her back and ask for my money back, but I know she'd be going back and I couldn't let that happen. She even mentioned that it was normal for them to have prolapse rectums, like it happens all the time. I mentioned that to the vet at the show and his eyes bugged out.
Luckily we know a lot of people so the word is out that she's at it again and to not buy from her, because apparently I wasn't the first that was hit by her. :/