Author Topic: Older red tick coonhound looking for home, Lex, KY  (Read 2265 times)

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Older red tick coonhound looking for home, Lex, KY
« on: August 28, 2012, 05:33:49 PM »
I really hate to do this, but last year I lost my mom and now our family is needing to rehome our dog, Shiloh. My dad has been having health issues and cannot take care of her, and me and my sisters are at school out of state. Shiloh is in Central Kentucky, but can move a little for a good home.

Shiloh is a sweet older (9ish) spayed female red tick coonhound with a generally mellow personality. Though she is none too bright, she loves attention and has managed to learn some basic commands. Her favorite toys are squeaky stuffed toys, which she’ll bury
in the yard if you aren’t careful.
Here's her pic (I'll try to get some others too)

Shiloh is very scared of thunderstorms and doesn’t really like it when there are lots of people – she’ll find a quiet place to hang out. When we first got her from the humane society it was clear that she had been beaten, and she needs lots of positive reinforcement (or treats - she likes those too!) She's a totally different dog now than when we first got her - much more comfortable around people! She now loves playing and being pet, and has never shown any aggressive behavior.
She is generally healthy but has a little arthritis, which makes it difficult for her to keep up on long walks. It doesn’t stop her, however, from running laps in the backyard. Shiloh is really a sweetheart who will touch her family with her loving personality.
I want to make sure she finds a home that is a good fit for her, and where she can be comfortable in her old age. Let me know if you are interested in adopting, or would like some more information! We will be asking that a small donation be made to a rescue charity of your choice, and we would also like to come see the home that she will be moving to.