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Biting Kitten
« on: September 24, 2012, 06:50:03 PM »
I have a nearly 5 month old kitten named Cleo. I fostered her when she was 3 weeks old after she was abandoned in front of my job, flea-covered and pretty sickly. She recovered great and we (obviously) decided to keep her. She eats great, uses the litter box with no problem, and is very healthy. She is unspayed (though will be spayed next month).

My main issue is.. how do I teach her not to bite when she plays or when she's frustrated about something? She rarely, if ever, breaks my skin, but her bites still hurt! She often clings to my arm with teeth and claws and won't let go. She only does this to me, not to anyone else in my family.

Thoughts anyone?

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Re: Biting Kitten
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2012, 07:15:11 AM »
I hate to say this, but she might just be a kitten.  Just removing your arm and such might be enough.  It's always hard to tell, and some kitties will continue to nip and such, but unless it seems like something unrelated to playing, I'm not sure I'd worry too much.

My last two, when young kittens, would ATTACK me feet if they moved at night...I actually slept with a carboard box with ankle holes cut out for my feet!  (I seldom sleep with covers on).  Sounds rediculous!  But neither one were biters...minus boy biting the slicker brush, luckily he wasn't thick coated!

- Raaz.