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« on: November 17, 2012, 10:52:05 PM »
I wanted to introduce my wonderful cat.
He's my first cat ever, I had wanted one for years now. I just think they're wonderful. <3

I've always had dogs but I've been nagging for a cat.
My mom kept telling me 'the right one will find you.'  Very sage-like, right?

But she was right.

In May of this year my sister moved out, and when she did we discovered that she had been horribly, terribly neglecting her Leopard Gecko. He was nearly dead by the time I found him, but after a dozen plus vet visits he is fine now.
On his very last visit my mom and dad came with me, which is unusual because my dad hadn't come with once before.

When we showed up my mom and I were immediately greeted with this kitten!
The vet tech walked him out to us and handed him over for us to hold and he just latched onto me and started purring. this little, perfect kitten.
And what did I do?

Ooh, the mature thing. I begged, I pleaded. Mom took Loki (the leopard gecko) back for his check up and said it was up to my dad whether I got to keep the kitten.
so I cried.
And cried. And more begging! and then he said yes.

so that day I adopted him, and he was neutered and we brought him home.
They told us he was going to the pound that day if he wasn't adopted. He had been found at one week old in a bunch of pipes, in the rain, at a construction site.

He is nothing like I imagined my first cat would be I imagined a pretty black and white, female, cat. you know that perfect image you get in your head?
But he is just so perfect.

Here he was when we brought him home:

He settled in quickly.

he grew up so fast...

He lets me put clothes on him! though I never leave them for too long. xD

He has a weird shoe obsession...

He's nine months old now. He sleeps with me like a teddybear every night, insisting I put my arm around him.
he loves to kick.
He's quiet except when he sees bugs, and he doesn't like the outdoors much.
He's very demanding when he wants attention, especially when he wants to sleep on you. and he lets you pick him up whenever you want. He also comes to you when you give him an open palm hand gesture, and gets down if you snap and point where you want him.

He doesn't get on any tables, even the coffee table, never the counters, either. Just the backs of the furniture which he is allowed on. Otherwise ignores high places.
He loves to stare at my turtles, and sits on my shoulder as I clean the fish tanks out. c:

He also loves to quietly sit and watch the baby rats in their cage, but keeps his distance when they come out. xD

He is a good cat, so I'm glad I waited.
Cocoa and Honey.

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Re: Foster.
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2012, 01:55:04 PM »
Match made in heaven. He's beautiful.
--Best, Mountaintop--

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Re: Foster.
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2012, 02:23:13 PM »
It certainly sounds as if he were meant for you!  :)