Author Topic: Neutering an Older Dog - Chance it would Help behavior?  (Read 991 times)

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Neutering an Older Dog - Chance it would Help behavior?
« on: March 20, 2013, 01:29:19 AM »
I went through the GM boards on this topic and found the subject split. What I've read is that it can help dogs stop giving off a scent that makes them less likely to be attacked by other dogs.

But it's 50/50 chance that it will change their behavior. Such as scent marking, dog aggression, and humping. Which is the problem with my mom's dog. The dog is a 6 year old small dog, poodle-chiwawa mix. He humps my mom's spayed female dog so much she has developed scabs on her back! And my mom refuses to do anything about it! I don't live with my mom so I can't do anything about it, I live on the other side of the country - I'm just visiting and seeing this kind of 'neglect' is killing me. Well, it's not exactly neglect, it's like - she thinks the dogs are better off with her than being rehomed and that they have great lives with her. Which I guess it's true - there are worse homes.

The dog, Puppy, he humps the cat too but not as much. He also pees everywhere in the house even when the back door is open. And only a little bit at a time.

Then her third dog - a lab/pit mix who is as tall as me, is about 2 yrs. Love this dog! His name, Bobsy, is a gentle but hyper dog. He's being bullied by this 6 lbs dog! Puppy will pin this 80 lbs dog to the ground, growling and Bobsy, who was neutered at 6 months (born at a shelter - neutered at a shelter) will just take it and submit. Bobsy wants to play but if Bobsy goes near the female dog, or any kind of food, or my Mom, Puppy will growl. Not full blown attacks. This has been going on since Bobsy turned 10 months old. Puppy has never broken skin, but the sounds and barks and growling and whimpers are scary!

I want to neuter Puppy to see if it will help Puppy's behavior. But my mom refuses to do that because the dog is 'too old'. I worked for animal control for 3 months and I explained to her - got my boss at the animal shelter I worked at to explain to her - that the dog is not too old! But she would not listen. My mother is quite stubborn and I leave soon to go back home, but I thought one last go at her with some kind of new angle would help? Any ideas or maybe a fresh idea to help this situation?

I'm concerned that the female dog is very unhappy, for one. And the lab mix is going to get hurt, secondly.

Oh and off subject thing - I bought a dog kong and they LOVE it! I take turns filling it up with misc. foods and then I made pupsicles and gave it to them! Made a mess but they loved them!
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Re: Neutering an Older Dog - Chance it would Help behavior?
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2013, 04:29:06 AM »
It really may or may not change any of the behavior. A lot of it becomes learned behavior if they have been doing it long enough and won't matter whether they are neutered or not. Don't get me wrong!! I'm all for EVERYONE spaying and neutering their pets just as a general rule. Though one thing you could tell her is that it rules out certain health problems down the road such as testicular cancer - which we definitely see in dogs. (I work at an animal hospital as a vet assistant in the rooms with the docs) As far as the urinating in the house, may be strictly behavioral but have her clean with an enzymatic cleaner such as natures miracle (there are many others out there however) as regular rug/floor etc... cleaner are not good enough to break it down to the point where the animals will not smell it. Neutering could potentially help with that also though if he's only 'marking' instead of actually relieving his bladder and having to go. It's tough and she may have to get some training into him to stop the behaviors but I wish you luck trying to convince her, I know how frustrating it can be!!
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