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Car magnets for spays.
« on: March 26, 2013, 11:58:53 PM »
I have 4 baby girls remaining from the litters that we took in a few months ago. I would like to get them spayed prior to adoption. We also recently took in 4 extremely unsocial girls who need spaying as well. I have been on a neuter and spay weekly to try to get them all done it is of course taking a toll on the pocket book as you can imagine.

2 of the girls that came with the 4 unsocial girls had large tumors we had to remove as well. Which was done, One sadly passed shortly after her removal and the other who had 3 of the largest tumors I have ever seen on one rat has survive and is thriving in our care.

we have a link on our site for the sales and pictures I will post the pictures here as well

We have adopted out 18 rats since January to very amazing homes. I just refuse to send the girls out intact after seeing how Ella came to us. I want the tumor chance to be lower for the girls.