Author Topic: Jeff needs a home in Wisconsin! <1yr lop ear boy. Rescues in area? Will drive  (Read 1585 times)

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I made a post about Jeffrey earlier (click) as I was starting my research about bunnies, not sure if I wanted to just sort of jump into rabbit parenthood after his rescue today... but with the way things are with my rats, I am not ready for the commitment of a bunny right now.  That being said, Jeffrey just came from a VERY scary situation and he deserves LOTS of love and free-range time, as well as someone who will feed him right.

I know there is a rabbit rescue in Oshkosh (~20mi from us) which I will be looking into tomorrow, but depending on their current burden and how respectable they are, he might be stuck with me for a while. I will not take him to the local shelter/humane society because they DO euthanize and I'm certain they (and local rescues) are currently swamped with all the post-easter bunnies being surrendered. If anyone knows of another rescue in Wisconsin, PLEASE let me know! I will drive! I think there's one in Waukesha as well. Not sure if one is preferable to the other or something.

Jeffrey will be a year old this summer and is not neutered, and I do not have the funds to get him neutered (which is part of the reason I don't think I'm the right home for him right now). But he is very sweet and comfortable around people. First thing he did when I met him was lick me and then cuddle. (: He likes his head rubbed. He will purr.

Im hoping I can find a good rescue but I know there are some other Wisconsinites floating around out here (or maybe some Yoopers? I live pretty close to the UP) so if I can find someone experienced right off the bat, then great. I feel kind of dumb saying this since I cant get him neutered, but I also probably won't just hand him off to someone w/o an adoption fee, even just a small one, maybe to cover cost of gas. I can't keep him long-term, but he will be spoiled while he is with me, and I expect no less from anyone else. :heart:

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Sorry: just saw this post. :)

There's the WI House Rabbit Society:
I don't think they take surrenders, but they can help point you in a good direction.

HAWS, Wisconsin Humane, and Dane Humane are all good shelters that neuter surrendered rabbits. None of them promise that the rabbit won't be euthanized, but they also don't euthanize for space so if Jeffrey is healthy and friendly he has a better chance there than at many other shelters. Plus, Wisconsin Humane will call you if the choice is made to euthanize him and allow you to come pick him up.

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