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I hate people
« on: April 28, 2013, 03:53:39 AM »
I read a topic in another forum about someone trying to introduce male mice and since I know that they can't live together I tried to convince her that this is not right.

This is what I got:

Actual I have successfully house four males together, one being the father and the other three his children, they get along quite nice and rarely to fights break out between them.

I also have two non-related males who seem okay with each others, I'm been attempting to combine them for a few months now after many sessions they no longer attack each other and are accepting each other more and more.

Those who are unable to get along with multiple males are being given to my friend to use as snake food because I have NO more room for 20 tanks. There isn't any place that will take them and no one in my town likes rodents.

I'm looking for advice and tips on how to get them to get along, not people to tell me not to do this.

Then I replied that I at least hope her friend is feeding her snake with pre killed mice.

Then I got this:

Well the siblings and father get along without fights so they'll be staying together, I also got two non-related mice to successfully get along last night and no fights have broken out yet. Five males have already been fed off and I only have a few more to combine with others then everything will be settled.

My friend hates rodents so she doesn't go near the mice or rats when feeding, she feeds live because she can't stand touching a dead mouse or rat. Plus her snake was fed only on live for his whole life so he has never once touched a dead mouse or rat and my friend's family is a snake specialist so it's really not a problem.

I really don't need your advice or help anymore, other users have been very helpful and things are going more smoothly.

I'm just so disturbed. She has 40 mice now and no time to care about them. This happens when you buy more and more mice just 'because they're cheap'.
And I wonder how a 'snake specialist' would give a more humane death to the poor mouse.

This topic may be stupid but I wish people were more responsible when taking animals as pets.
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Re: I hate people
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2013, 10:15:14 PM »
That's just sad, I mean, the poor mice would have been better of in the petstore than being fed to a snake. I don't understand people feeding rodents to their snakes when rats and mice make such wonderful pets. Especially buying them as pets and then feeding them to a snake when things "don't work out" :(
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