Author Topic: Best kind of cats for cat-allergy sufferers? + Litter boxes  (Read 2268 times)

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My sister and mom have allergies to cats, but I think they'd be a fun pet. (I do LOTS of research! Trust me!) Is there a certain kind of breed that doesn't have dander or whatever makes the allergies? I wouldn't really like hairless though... Also is there a certain kind of breed that is more social?
The other thing is my mom absolutely HATES litter boxes. She can't stand them, she says cats are cute, but if I suggest getting one, she says "Absoluty not - litter boxes. Yuck!!!" (Quote) Is there anything that eliminates litter box odor? What kind of litter? Anything extra? Litter box training? Anything else I should know?
Sorry lots of questions, doing part of my research!
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Re: Best kind of cats for cat-allergy sufferers? + Litter boxes
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2013, 08:56:57 PM »
Some people are allergic to an enzyme in the saliva, some are allergic to the hair, some to the dander.   Sphynx's can actually cause more allergy issues for some people.   My suggestion would be wait until you move out and have your own place to have a cat.   It sounds as though you are a minor and depending on what age of cat you get it could outlive the time you will be living at home, your first place it can sometimes be hard to find a place that allows pets so better to not get them until you know you can afford to keep them.

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Re: Best kind of cats for cat-allergy sufferers? + Litter boxes
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2013, 10:53:50 PM »
+1 on what Kat said. If your mom isnt on board it will only be frustrating for you and sad for the cat when it has to go to another home because your mom cant stand it any more.

I have a cat box that is the closest to stink less that I could find. It also cost $350, called a litter robot. With 8 cats and 2 boxes it does a pretty good job but by day 2 I can smell the stink. When I had the box and only 4 cats it lasted about 5 days.

Other than scooping several times a day and completely dumping a box weekly and scrubbing it there is no way around the stink. That ends up being about $20 a month or more in just litter.

As far as allergies. It really depends on the individual cat and person. My husband was horribly allergic to all cats. His eyeballs would get water blisters.  :eek: When I tried the first cat he took allergy stuff and then weaned off the allergy stuff and was fine around our cat. Every new cat its the same thing, he needs to get used to them. He has even had problems coming back from a trip because he has been away from the cats. When he goes to someone elses house with cats he also has problems. He says could never get used to long haired cats but that just may be more opinion than fact.

We were able to borrow a cat from a rescue to see if hubby could get used to it. They would have taken him back if it didnt work out.

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Re: Best kind of cats for cat-allergy sufferers? + Litter boxes
« Reply #3 on: June 15, 2013, 08:32:54 PM »
As an allergy sufferer, I regret having my cats sometimes, and this is over ten years into owning them.  All three are short-haired spayed females.  I've had pricey HEPA filters in my bedroom and living room all along, and am meticulous about cleaning the house and litter boxes.  I have hardwood floors because of the cat dander.  My allergies have only gotten worse each year, and I developed asthma.  I was losing income and cancelling clients because of my allergies/asthma, despite being on meds. 

My doctor finally told me to either get rid of the cats (they are 11, 12, and 15 so that's not a fair option) or keep the out of my bedroom 24/7.  Now I get to listen to a whining miserable cat at 3 am who wants to sleep with me but can't.  I love them dearly, and I'll care for them until they pass, but I won't get more cats.  It isn't fair to me or them.  I just didn't realize over a decade ago how my life would change or how bad my health would get as a result.

Additional perspective:  now that they are senior cats, they have expensive health problems.  One has kidney disease and only one tooth left, so she gets wet food multiple times a day.  Another has thyroid disease, and gets meds nightly for the rest of her life, and blood work every six months.  The third, knock on wood, is healthy so far.  Just realize you're looking at a 15-20 year commitment.

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Re: Best kind of cats for cat-allergy sufferers? + Litter boxes
« Reply #4 on: June 18, 2013, 09:55:43 PM »

My family all has allergies.  My brothers get all sniffly and puffy eyed around cats.

I moved out for college and got a cat then.  I'm allergic to my own cats, but it's not like erbusbee's issues.  I am mostly ok, very occasionally itchy or sneezy.  My allergies got better over time.  I had an idea that this was the case when my college roommates had cats and I was fine. 

I'd also recommend waiting until you have your own place.  I can inflict annoying allergy symptoms on myself and I only have myself to blame.  The last thing you want is to have to rehome your cat because your family can't take the allergy issues.