Author Topic: just rescued a rabbit - need advice and guidance please.  (Read 1031 times)

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just rescued a rabbit - need advice and guidance please.
« on: June 21, 2013, 08:46:20 AM »
Hi , so long story short about 3 !/2 weeks ago a neighbor from the building behind us threw out a cage. still filled with a entire setup for what I thought at the time to be a guinea pig. ( it was a 55 gal tank)  so the next day lo and behold my family and other neighbors start seeing a younger pure black mini rex hopping around the parking lots.
so for the last three weeks i've been trying to catch him. now on the night of the 19th its the morn of the 21st now. we caught him.  unfortunately the heat is the spot I had set up for him for quarantine, was not alright.
so he is living in my closet in a pre bought rabbit cage.
now here is my issues with this situation.
I have no experience with rabbits I've only had rats.
when brought to the vet yesterday they treated him for ticks and I think he might have mites due to a bald patch on his neck
I have three cats and keeping them safely separated until I know he is fine is a bit much.
sorry not so short I am wondering though. how do i clean my home for mites , ticks etc. and make sure that my cats do not become infected. I am willing to give him a home if I can learn enough my hubby has wanted rabbits his whole life and i got a little attached while trying to build enough trust with him to catch him.
any advice is appreciated I will also post this in the rabbit section for clues.

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