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Update on My Kitties.
« on: September 20, 2013, 09:02:31 PM »
Okay i have been without internet for awhile, but since then i have rescued a few more babies. The story behind the new babies is that i started working at an assisted living facility and they have a semi-feral cat colony. I took 2 kittens at first, one of the residents had kicked one of them and it didnt make it thru the night, but we had also taken the twin who we named Odyss he is an orange and white kitty. Then i took in two kittens that the mother abandoned who i called Savannah and Safari. Savannah we think had hydrocephalus, she made it to 4 weeks and passed away. Safari is doing great. Then we took in two more semi feral babies that were about 12 weeks old, who i named Shadei and Starla. So now we have a total of 7 cats/kittens.  As soon as i can get good pics i will post them.