Author Topic: Rat mom with a bunny...  (Read 1762 times)

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Rat mom with a bunny...
« on: September 29, 2013, 03:43:10 PM »
So....I am a rat mom. I somehow ended up rescuing a baby bunny and am confused as to why his ears are so long, and why he wont sit on my shoulder. He doesn't hold his food in his hands or stash things. He thought I was crazy when I tried playing tag. I offered him a hammock and he was all "....where's the hay?" Hay? What the....

So I have turned half my kitchen into a free range area for him. He has a small rat cage that I keep open with a box to sleep in and some hay. He has some toys and some digging boxes in his play area, tunnels and things like that. He's eating fresh veggies from my garden and hay right now.

I guess my questions are:
What kind of staple food should he have? A pellet I assume? Best ingredients?
And the main one....I am a rattie mom so I always have a pack of at least 3. Are bunnies social like rabbits? I find it odd to have just one of a species, but I am hearing mixed opinions. Some people are saying he should have a little dude to hang out with. Hes very young, and fits in one hand. Also, due to how young he is, I am unsure if he is in fact a he. Rats are so much easier to tell! Cant really mistake those giant man bits.

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Re: Rat mom with a bunny...
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2013, 10:11:32 PM »
Rabbits are easily fed a pellet based diet (alfalfa is a good ingredient or orchard grass or timothy hay) with fresh foods limited to grasses and safe weeds with few to no fruits and veggies, unless the latter are leafy but even then they shouldn't be fed in great amounts. Any change in diet should be done gradually as rabbits have very sensitive digestive tracts and a change made too quickly can make them quite sickly.

It is very hard to sex a rabbit when they're young and due to the fact that, although he is young now and may accept a play mate with relative ease, it is all too common for a rabbit in the throws of puberty to injure and scuffle with another rabbit of the same gender even with ample space, so it is probably best he be kept singly. And same sex play mates aren't recommended unless both are neutered/spayed, even then some rabbits prefer to be alone unless there is a lot of space; say, a spare room worth of space depending on the bunny and their personality.

It's great that you've given him so much space and, luckily, he can be litter box trained for ease of cleaning. Just put some hay in a litter box (no clumping cat litter, carefresh, pellet litter, or something else; rat safe = rabbit safe for litter), they have a tendency of relieving themselves while they nibble.

A really good forum to find more information would be:
Though they primarily cater to meat rabbits their information is universal, some members even feed their rabbits an all natural fresh diet of herbs, grasses, weeds, etc; picked fresh daily. I go by the same handle on there.

Please, don't read all the junk from the house rabbit society, they're information is questionable at best and can be detrimental to your rabbits health.
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Re: Rat mom with a bunny...
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2013, 06:26:02 PM »
About the friend recommendation - find a good rabbit vet - you WILL need them and get the rabbit's gender determined and look into a friend and do proper intros.   Plan on getting both fixed.