Author Topic: young DWARF RABBIT & bonded Guinea pig pair seeking home - located in Maryland  (Read 1487 times)

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Cadbury and Lola are seeking a new home. Cadbury is an adorable TAN MALE DWARF RABBIT and Lola is a lovely TRICOLOR FEMALE GUINEA PIG. They are bonded to each other and MUST be kept together. They share a large cage, which will go with them when they find their perfect new home. They will also take with them all of their accessories. Both are approximately 2 1/2 years old and in good health. Both have wonderful, gentle personalities. Cadbury is a very small rabbit and is litter box trained to use the litter box in the corner of their cage. Lola is also a fairly small Guinea pig and will squeal when she wants fresh veggies. Lola likes sleeping in her pigloo, and occasionally, Cadbury will climb on top of it.

Lola and Cadbury are kept on Kaytee Soft and Comfy (or the like) bedding.  Cadbury has Yesterday's News (or the like) in his litter pan.  They have been eating TIMOTHY based Guinea pig food, as well as timothy hay, fruits, vegetables, and the occasional other variety of hay.  They are both in great health and get along great together. 

Their is a $75 rehoming fee is to ensure they are going to a good home, and will be donated to the SPCA of Anne Arundel County to help other animals find homes.

Please be aware that their cage is LARGE and would require a significant amount of space in your house. They are INDOOR pets and must be kept indoors ONLY.

We are located in Hanover, Maryland, near Arundel Mills and BWI Airport.

If you would like to learn more about Lola and Cadbury, or to see photos, please PM me.

Thank you!