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Short Tailed Opossum- Smidgen
« on: November 20, 2013, 01:10:54 PM »
Well, after months of reading, watching videos, talking about it, and waiting for the breeder to come through, I bought a Short Tailed Opossum at a pet store. Her name is Smidgen. As I said, I have been waiting to get one from a local breeder, but the birth date has kept going farther and farther into the future. I guess her STOs aren't cooperating. Anyway, my husband and I had driven my sister into Las Vegas for a Dr's appointment. We were running around trying to kill the time til she would be done when I suggested stopping into a nearby pet store to look around. I wanted to show him if possible what the Short Tailed Opossums I had been talking about for so long look like. Well, the pet store had one left from an April litter and the employee introduced us to her. She was so cute and sweet, I just couldn't resist, so I bought her and brought her home. Smidgen was the hit of the vet's office when I took her in for her well baby check up. She tipped the scale at 34 grams which is much smaller than I expected. I expected an animal about the size of the rats I have had for the past several years, but she is more the size of a hamster and sooo cute.

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Re: Short Tailed Opossum- Smidgen
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