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« on: December 20, 2013, 12:03:53 PM »
So, I've recently moved across the world to be with the love of my life. It meant giving up so much, and its been very very hard for me but has so far all been worth it. His sister  recently moved away to Norway and had to leave her puppy behind. I have since inherited this puppy  ;D

Her name is Charlie, shes quite a pain in my butt sometimes, but I'm working on it. With another young puppy in the house (and soon a possibly litter) Charlie hadn't been getting the attention and training she needed. BUT she's only had one accident in the house since I've been here and has an almost flawless performance when asked to sit or come now that we've been working on it for a week. :) I am very proud of her. For the first time today she even slept in bed with me and snuggled. :) Such a treasure. She is whats called a Petit brabancon griffon (
She's never known me, and has been living here with this family for a while, and loves his mom, dad, and sister, so deciding to listen to ME wasn't easy. Now she will even come downstairs just to see me if I am sitting at the computer, watching movies etc... SO without further ado....

Charlie!!! (and I)

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Re: Charlie
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She is adorable!!! Congrats on doing so well on your training Charlie. I have a Charlie too.
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Re: Charlie
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