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Questions RE Kitten Spay
« on: April 04, 2014, 12:54:32 PM »
For decades, my cat experience has been with altered rescues. But my daughter wanted a ragdoll or ragamuffin for "her" cat and I could make the case for a little more assurance of health and temperament than we have enjoyed with our feral rescues. We acquired a purebred ragdoll kitten from a reputable breeder. Mei-Mei is WONDERFUL! She surprised me by going into heat last month.

I have a favorite all-animal vet who is about a 6 hour round trip away and is FABULOUS with rats. However, our daughter prefers to take Mei-Mei to the closer vet we see when we or the sick rat are unable to travel so far. The close vet wants $350 for spay, more if pain killer and stool check elected. When I called to set up the spay appt, they said the kitten should be out of heat for a month before we spay.  :shocked2: Now, I knew you shouldn't spay during the heat if you could help it, but does the month make any sense? She cycled again after I called, and seems likely to repeat the performance more often than monthly. Now, she looks and sounds like a tribble  :yelcutelaugh: which is not too annoying, but I am worried about her stress and health. And although we are very careful, our door leads straight outside and I have two kids and a husband with a cane.

1. Would you take the spay to your favorite vet or establish a closer vet in case of emergency?
2. Is $350 spay reasonable for upstate NY? The favorite vet's estimate is $300 and includes post-operative pain killer and stool check.
3. Do we really have to wait a month after a heat ends, to spay? This is a new one on me.

Thanks, guys!

 , who we see a lot for his rat expertise, and a local #2 vet when we or the pets cannot travel so far. Our daughter wants vet #2 to do the spay. $350 gulp. Anyway, I called to find out what age they recommend the spay (she was born last August)  , so this one has thrown me for a loop. We got a purebred kitten for my daughter
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Re: Questions RE Kitten Spay
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2014, 02:07:52 PM »
I've never heard of waiting a month after a cycle.  What our vet told us what that they will go into heat every two weeks, until they are bred or spayed...seems a bit difficult to wait a month then!

The last cat I had to spay was about $150 with pain control and stool check, but we were living in Texas at that point.  The spay-and-neuter clinics will do it for far less, but they generally don't do any kind of pain control or follow-up care.

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Re: Questions RE Kitten Spay
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2014, 11:58:38 PM »
A few things I would take into consideration

get quote including pain meds and stool sample from closer vet
check with both vets will they be using skin glue, dissolving stitches, or normal stitches (and consider in if you want to make the 6 hour trip twice close together
if you go to the further vet and the kitten opens it's incision how much will it cost to take the kitten to the closer to reclose, vs if they had done the surgery to begin with so would probably fix their own work.   

Really it sounds like the price could end up being the same - with the further one actually being more since you would be paying 6 hours of gas at least 1x.   
Call around and ask for quotes from other closer vets.   See how the prices compare to others in the area.   

Having rat experience really doesn't play much of a factor in this situation.   

Usually it's preferred to have it done by 6 months, surprised the breeder did not require spay since it usually costs more to get breeding rights.   

In the end, it sounds like your daughter is still a minor, and that it will be your money etc so you have the final say.