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Re: Meg's Magical Hammocks & Cage Liners! *244+ Fabrics!*
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Hello everyone,

I am a stay at home mom now, and would like to start taking a few orders again. My Facebook page is here: I am making a new website, which will feature the price list. Please inquire for now. A few standard pieces and prices are below. Please email with questions and order requests.

Here's the fabric available page for now: Some fabrics may no longer be available, but most should be.
Here's some examples of my hammocks: and
And everyone's favorite, some of my happy customers: and

Can be made in custom dimensions, for example, rectangular or multi-level!
Small:  5"x5"x5" $11
Medium:  6"x6''x6'' $12
Large: 7''x7''x7'' $14
XL: 8"x8''x8'' $15
XXL: 9"x9"x9" $16

Corner Hammock
$5 small (1 rat), $6 medium (2 rats), $8 large (3 rats), or custom size.

Pocket Hammock
$8 small (10x12) $10 medium (13x15), $12 large (14x17), $14 extra large (16x19). I can modify any of these sizes if you want your hammock more square or long, or want it to fit a certain spot in the cage. Come with grommets or ribbons, your choice.

Flat Hammock

$7 small (10x10) $9 medium (12x12), $11 large (14x14), $13 extra large (16x16).Comes with grommets, quilt binding loops, or ribbons, your choice.

Rat Pyramid
Corresponds to sizing chart with amount of rats it fits. S $12, M $13, L $15, XL $18, and XXL $20. The S fits one or 2 rats, the medium 2-4, Large 4-7, XL 8+ or Guinea Pigs/Ferrets, the XXL would fit a small rabbit.

Rat Barn

Roughly 10-12 inches tall, 7x7 cube at base, with triangular roof. A rat can stand up inside, very roomy for piles of ratties! $20. Custom sizing available.

Peekaboo Tube
Prices are $9 small, $11 medium, $13 large, $15 X-Large. These are tubes which leave the top open, so rats in the middle can have some air and climb in and out that way.

Double Decker Tube
Custom rat tubes. Single or Two level available. Prices are $9 small, $11 medium, $13 large, $15 X-Large.

Standard Tube
$9 small, $11 medium, $13 large, $15 X-Large.

Patchwork Tunnel

$22 for custom patchwork tunnel 30"-35" long, you pick the fabrics! Extra panels or doors cost extra. Smaller sizes available on request.
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