Author Topic: (URI) Upper Respiratory Infection with multiple cats what would you do?  (Read 959 times)

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Iím sorry this is a long post and maybe Iím worrying to much but I would much rather be safe then sorry. Iím going to start with some info before getting to the questions in hopes you answers can be better based off that.

We recently found 2 really sickly little kittens. They both have bad upper respiratory infections. 1 looked/acted like it was going to die the other didnít look bad but sounds as bad as the 1st one looks. Theyíre really young just have very small teeth in. Iím asking these questions as we would like to keep 1 or both but want to know if it would be best not to. We donít want to risk our cats.

We already have 2 cats. A 3 year old with FHS (Feline hyperesthesia syndrome) Sheís under stress 24/7 because of her FHS. FHS is where the cat thinks everything is out to kill them and they well run from there own tail. We also have an 11 month old we found in the same place as the new kittens when he was 7 weeks old. Heís a very hyper out going kitten that could use a friend as he wants the play with the cat with FHS but that just makes her have an attack. :/ So we think a kitten he can play with would help cut down on the FHS cat being bugged. He is good about it and well leaves her alone when she runs to the couch but chasing her that far is still more then we would care for. They both do not have any of there shots but have never been sick. They have also been tested and cleared for FeLV/FIV.

1st question: I read that after they have URI they well always carry it and when under stress they can be contagious to other cats. Is that true? If so how likely are they to pass it to the other cats?

2nd question: I also have a family member that has a kitten that had URI when they got there kittens. By what I read itís very contagious and can live for some time out of the cat. They also donít have to show symptoms them self to be spreading the virus, If thatís true. How liking is it I can give my cats URI by just being over there house with there cats for a few hours? I was also thinking of letting our kittens have a play dates. Our kitten if fine with car rides and used to go on play dates but his friend moved away. Would that be a bad idea and make there cats give ours URI?

3rd question: Being as the cat with FHS is always in a stressed stat how bad would it be if she were to get it? Would she always be sick?

4th question: We got our Kitten 9 months ago from the same feral cat group. How likely is it he already has URI and has just never shown a signs? We were told that someone got a sick kitten from that group around the same time that got better. We were also told the group has been there for over 7 years. How likely is it that or kitten doesnít have URI?

5th question: When you get a cat from a rescue or humane society thereís no way for them to tell if that cats had URI in the past and carries it is there? So Iíd be taking the same risk adopting a kitten with an unknown past from a rescue as I would be these kittens that I know some of the past on?

Iím sure I have more questions I just canít think of ATM but hereís the last question for now. What would you guys do? Keep the kittens and introduce them after they get better? Re-home the kittens as to make sure they donít get your cats sick? Any other thoughts?

And now for some sad pictures of the little sick kittens.