Author Topic: Acclimating cats and one has health issues  (Read 913 times)

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Acclimating cats and one has health issues
« on: August 12, 2014, 03:43:07 AM »
I am going to move in with my dad to help with bills some time in the next couple of months. The problem is the amount of animals that will be living under the same roof. We don't feel right getting rid of anyone, so I think they will all stay. I have two cats of my own, a dog, and two rats. My dad has two cats. How could we go about acclimating everyone to each other with the least amount of stress?

I am especially concerned about my dad's cat Gordon. He's been having some health issues. He used to be a great big kitty, but he dropped a ton of weight. Now you can see his spine and his ribs. He is also losing his fur. He does not have fleas, and I am fairly positive he does not have mange. The other cat, other than being fat, is fine. Gordon is maybe six years old, so his health issues are very suspicious. I originally thought he was too stressed because of my mom's mental illness (we were all stressed). But my mom ran away to Texas a couple of months ago, and Gordon is not getting better. When we all move in together, we will be saving money, so I plan on taking over for caring for him and getting him to a vet (right now my dad really cannot afford it).

Gordon is also very territorial, and my two cats are very happy go lucky, couldn't have a care in the world, would easily get their butt's kicked kind of kitties.