Author Topic: Trade DCN for Feisty Ferret - WA  (Read 574 times)

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Trade DCN for Feisty Ferret - WA
« on: November 23, 2014, 08:41:45 PM »
Anyone in WA state have a FF they would like to trade for a DCN? It does have a bit of rust from the water used to clean it being so bad (seriously, the water here is AWFUL, tastes like pennies and stains everything orange) and I just got a bass pan to replace the bottom tray. The other pans are intact, albeit with some chew marks.

We are going to be moving into a bus we turned into a Tiny House (weee!) and the DCN is just too big. I'm willing to drive a ways for a trade but if someone wants it and they're in,  say, Yakima or farther, need to meet me halfway. I'm out on one of the northern islands :P
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