Author Topic: Please I Need My FOREVER HOME! Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas  (Read 1939 times)

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Please I Need My FOREVER HOME! Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas
« on: April 03, 2015, 04:40:46 PM »
Hi my name is Phil and I am probably the worlds cutest dog. I mean come on look at me! They say I am about 1.5 years old, but we still aren't sure on my breed.
I was abandoned by my past owners and was left to run the streets for 6 months. Lucky me there were some good local people that put food out for me so I didn't starve!

Then one day I ran in front of this lady's car she was so scared because she hit me. BUt I was okay just a little take off guard.

This kind lady picked me up and searched and searched for my family but the locals told her my story.
So she took me home and cleaned me up.

I have now had ALL my shots, been dewormed, treated for fleas and ticks, and am working on potty training. I am getting better at it but sometimes a forget.

Now that I am healthy the kind lady is helping me find my forever home! My ideal home would be one with an active family or couple who has time to love on me and take me to the park and on walks. I LOVE WALKS. Although the whole leash thing I am still getting used to but the lady says I am getting much better.

I will leave here with all my stuff so you won't have to do any shopping!
I come with
Travel Carrier
2 Months of flea and tick prevention
Dental Chews
Potty Pads
Diapers (I had an upset tummy when I first got here so I had to wear those silly things but I don't need them anymore)
New Collar (It is camo and totally awesome)
Potty Training spray (this spray helps remind me where to potty at)
And anything else this nice lady has for me.

I am a really great guy, at least I think so! I am crate trained and don't mind going in it. I don't chew on stuff and I am ALWAYS happy to see you!
I get along with all animals big and small, this nice lady has a zoo of her own. Ducks, Chickens, Dogs, Cats, Rats, Fish, and even a noisy goose named Gladys! I don't mind any of them and love to play with the other dogs and even the cats!

Nice lady says I would do best in a home with a family who has older kids as I can get a little to excited sometimes and might not realize I am hurting a little one.

Nice lady also says that I have an adoption fee of $100 and that includes me and all my cool stuff! What a deal!
The only thing left for me is to get neutered, whatever that means.

Anyway if you think you could give me a great home please let this nice lady know! I'm getting really impatient!