Author Topic: Double Critter Nation + Bass metal pans + accessories for sale, Syracuse NY  (Read 2677 times)

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All of my ratties have passed away and after a hellish week last week and having to move back home I have nowhere for my DCN to live and need to sell it by the end of the month (or I have to move it out to Chittenango - it is hanging out in the apartment in Syracuse). I am asking 150$ for it, anything in it that people may want (there are some hide aways and toys hanging) plus the metal bass pans that need to be painted (if someone wants the cage and not metal pans that is fine I can always sell them separately but the pans are still in the box, never touched cause I couldn't be bothered to get them painted), plus what could be used as a hospital cage and one transport cage. The plastic pans are perfectly useable though since.. rats, ya know, they are a little chewed around the edges but the chewing has no effect on the functionality of the pans. It would have to be picked up from the apartment and anyone that is interested can message me here or seek me out on facebook:
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