Author Topic: Selling Superpet My First Home 3-level cage with extras, South Chicago Suburbs  (Read 821 times)

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I'm selling my Super Pet My First Home pet cage with a bunch of extras for $60. It is roughly 24W x 24L x 37H. It is in good condition, has some slight chew marks on the metal bars and plastic levels, but is still perfectly functional and safe. There is some staining from the bedding on the bottom pan of the cage, it was present when I acquired the cage from a previous owner; It's harmless and can be hidden by bedding, only an aesthetic issue if you do not use bedding. This cage does NOT come with the green slide/ramp/tubes that come stock, I used bird cage ladders and my Ratties loved them just fine. One of the levels has a broken holder, but I used it as a bottom level as it does not move much at all, but was just a safety precaution for me. Also comes with a wheeled stand, as shown.

I will include a clear plastic Igloo hide (chew marks on the entrance), plastic black no-tip feeding dish, large water bottle, neon green bendable tunnel, Neon green ladder with bell (One side of the holder is broken, but still usable), large purple silent running wheel, a hanging ferret hammock/tent, and a half-full bag of Oxbow Regal Rat Adult Rat Food. Everything has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and is ready to be moved in!

Imgur album of the cage!

I'm located in the southern Chicago suburbs. Pickup preferred, though a meet-up can possibly be arranged. $60 firm. I'm not very good with checking these sites, so email is preferred. You can contact me at FennecFur @ Yahoo Dot Com (Avoiding spam and stuff, excuse the spaces and such)
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Hi there, any luck selling this cage?
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