Author Topic: Wanting CN cage or anything similar in NWI  (Read 660 times)

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Wanting CN cage or anything similar in NWI
« on: August 09, 2015, 02:54:25 AM »
Hi! I REALLY want to give my rats a better cage, and upgrade them to a Critter Nation or anything similar! I have three females and two males, and I'd love a double and single unit, so I can give the males AND females a CN cage!

However, I cannot afford a lot, and I can only pay up to around $40, and you must meet near Wheatfield/Rensselaer, IN.

It doesn't have to come with any extra toys or anything, just the cage is fine. However, If you want to include them I sure as heck won't complain! Lol.

Please, please, please contact me with pictures and prices! I just really want to give my babies a bigger home :) I don't care if it's used, or slightly damaged or rusted, as long as it's usable.

If you have some rats you need to rehome with their cage, I'd be glad to take them too, since I was wanting to expand when I get a larger cage.

I have a six-seven month old male, and a 6 week old one, and a six-seven month old female, and two six week old females.