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Mean Gerbil?
« on: November 18, 2015, 12:01:21 AM »
I recently adopted a male gerbil. I was at a pet store buying food and there was a gerbil in a tank with a sign that said he was up for adoption, which meant he was free. I asked why he was up for adoption and they said that he was mean. He had been on its own in the tank for about four months and he had been mean the entire time. The gerbil, who I named Crowley, bit employees who were giving him food and water and he would rush their hands and try to bite.

One of my rats I adopted because he was "mean" and after I gave him a proper home and worked with him he turned into a big sweetie so I brought the gerbil home thinking I would just work with him and he would be fine. The first few days he was fine, he came out and let me stick my hand in his cage without biting. He would come out of his cage and walk around and walk up to use and sniff us without incident. He has been home about three weeks and he has started biting again. Not all of the time but a lot of the time, sometimes he won't and then the next second I am trying to give him a treat and he goes berserk and latches on to my fingers.

He has lots of bedding to tunnel in, two wheels, one of the flat wheels and a solid plastic traditional one, a hut, plenty of wood chew toys,toilet paper rolls, and paper towel rolls.

Could it be stress from the cats. Does he need something else in his cage, I know small animals do better with a buddy, my rats and guinea pigs all have cage mates, but I am afraid that since he has been on his own and is aggressive he will hurt any other gerbil I put with him.

Sometimes I catch my cats trying to stick their paws in his cage and I catch them with their faces pressed up against his cage. Could it be stress from the cats. Or was he mishandled at the pet store and I should just let him be. Is there anything I can do to get him to be friendlier?