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Dimo and Blu
« on: December 06, 2015, 09:45:59 AM »
Earlier this year I decided to take a foray into small indoor birds(I have chickens) again. As a child I'd had a multitude of birds; finches, canaries, parakeets and a monk parakeet. In February I bought two parakeets from Petsmart, two greens, a male (Dimo) and a female (Oggie). After awhile I decided to get a third just to be safe (in case one died, I didn't want to have a lonely bird while I searched for a compatible friend. Enter Blu the 1st, a blue male from a mom and pop feed store.

Blue the 1st last all of a month before he flew out of my room and into the jaws of a cat (still trying to figure out HOW he got out and WHY he flew so low, the cat was laying on the ground and he was flying only a foot above the ground.) So, after his demise came Blue the 2nd from Petco. I'm glad I got Blu #2 because in October Oggie panicked during the night and flew into a wall, breaking her neck.  :'(

So now I have Dimo and Blu, the two bachelors who sing and chatter to each other every day and have decided that they don't like most commercial parakeet food. ::)