Author Topic: Looking to adopt hairless in Syracuse, NY or surrounding area  (Read 797 times)

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Good morning!

I'm really interested in adopting two new babies, I think I want girls this time but I'm also good with boys. I think I want one to be hairless, I'm obsessed with them. I won't be able to adopt until June but I'm trying to look around and find reputable breeders sooner rather than later. Open to suggestions for not hairless as well. If you have any suggestions please let me know, I'm willing to travel.

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Re: Looking to adopt hairless in Syracuse, NY or surrounding area
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I would definitely hunt around on websites like PetFinder to see if there are any baby/young rats available for you to rescue! Rescuing is honestly much more rewarding, and you aren't handing money to breeders who will just continue to breed more rats when there are already so many in the world that need homes. PetFinder is really easy to use; if you're looking for babies, all you have to do is type in your location, select the age range of rats you would like to see, and browse around!
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