Author Topic: Have to Rehome my 4 Elderly Rescued Males - Western NY but can drive 4-5 hours  (Read 847 times)

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This breaks my heart to even have to post this, as this is something I never dreamed I would have to do, but...

I currently have 4 pink-eyed white males, all approximately 1.5-2 years of age.  They are rescues that I took in from a bad situation.  I do not believe they were handled when born as they have never taken to being touched and tend to nip if agitated.  I've done what I can to socialize them, but they just haven't taken to it.  THIS IS NOT WHY I AM REHOMING THEM.

My living situation has changed unexpectedly and abruptly.  I have gone from a stable living situation with rent I could afford easily and money in the bank to spare, to being down to nothing and forced to move back in with my parents after 7 years on my own.  My mother has an incredibly bad phobia of rats.  We've negotiated up and down but she will not allow me to bring my boys with me.

Finding them a new home is my last option.  I'm overwhelmed right now and down to my last reserves of energy and the bottom of my bank account.

Again, they are NOT WELL SOCIALIZED and would probably be best off with someone who is willing to provide them a place to get old and end their lives in peace and comfort.  One of them has recently developed a rather wheezy sounding lung that should be looked at.

They have a Critter Nation that can come with them if needed.

Any leads on rescues in the Northeast who might be willing to help are also appreciated.  I've never had to even consider rehoming a pet before, so I'm a bit lost.

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You could try Mainely Rat Rescue (MRR). Great organization.
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