Author Topic: I have an idea and would like some input, please.  (Read 1159 times)

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I have an idea and would like some input, please.
« on: August 14, 2016, 10:48:23 PM »
So I don't trust Tobi in the cage with Irish, but I do trust Pasquale with Irish. Since Irish needs more protein than the big boys, he has different lab blocks. Irish always seems happier when I put Pasquale in his half. He comes right up to me, maybe puts a paw or two on me, and sniffs me. Plus he plays fights with Pasquale and even pins him sometimes. :BlueDumboSmile:

So my idea is to have the big boys in their half when I feed them(which is at my bedtime), so they would spend the night together and then put Pasquale in with Irish during the day. That way I don't have to worry about someone eating the wrong food and Irish gets to play with another rat.

My reasoning for not trusting Tobi is that when I put him in Irish's half he would get puffy, pin Irish and power groom him. I only don't trust him in the cage. When I had everyone in the bathtub he would steal the cheerio's out of Irish's mouth, but that was the worst he did.

Input, please?  :help: