Author Topic: A Few New Ways to Help The Travelin' Rat Help Rescues!  (Read 716 times)

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A Few New Ways to Help The Travelin' Rat Help Rescues!
« on: September 05, 2016, 11:43:52 PM »
There are a few new things going on that you can do to help us help rescues!
If you sign up through our referral link and make a purchase, will donate $20 to The Travelin' Rat! I'm glad to see that they now have a number of offerings for small critters (I had ordered for my dog when they first got started and just recently adopted rats again).

If you live near a Bosov's (in NY, PA, DE, NJ, OH, and MD), don't hesitate to contact The Travelin' Rat to help us with Friends Helping Friends Day! There are 2 ways that you can help us:
1. Buy a shopping pass for $5 (button on our Ways to Help Us Help Rescues page), which is good for 25% off* almost all purchases during Friends Helping Friends Day, Tuesday, October 18! 100% of the ticket donation goes directly to The Travelin' Rat, while you will have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes (like a $100 or $500 gift card!) and enjoy refreshments and entertainment throughout the store. (*Certain exclusions may apply. Complete details are printed on the shopping passes.)
2. Help us sell the shopping passes! Email The Travelin' Rat (thetravelinrat(at)gmail(dot)com) if you would like to help us sell them locally or OR you can volunteer to sit at your local Boscov's up through Tuesday, Oct 18, 2016 and sell them at the door (shifts are approximately 3 hours long).

Barnes & Nobles
Do you live near a Barnes & Noble (anywhere in the US) and would you like to volunteer some time to help us? During the holidays, B&N stores allow groups to come in and gift wrap in exchange for donations. The store supplies everything you need- paper, tape, bows, scissors, etc. You just supply the manpower! If you are interested in helping out this way, please email The Travelin' Rat (thetravelinrat(at)gmail(dot)com) and we can send you the details then get in touch with your local store to set it up.

We also have a number of other ways you can help! Some of these ways are super easy and don't cost you anything. You can find more info on our page:

Agent Match Me
Buying or selling a home and want a top realtor? Check out Agent Match Me!

Alma Rodentia Hammocks
Buy hammocks with code TTRHELP:

Amazon Associate
Click the link then buy stuff from Amazon as you normally would!

Favorite The Travelin' Rat on eBay and buy or sell items that benefit The Travelin' Rat!

GoodSearch and Goodshop
Earn 1c per search for The Travelin' Rat if you use this as your search engine, plus earn a percentage of your purchases if you shop through GoodShop.
Sign up and shop through (or download the iGive button) and purchases you make through iGive partners can help The Travelin' Rat!

Rescue Chocolate
Use code "Travelin' Rat" in the notes section at checkout when you purchase cruelty-free vegan treats!

ResQ Walk
Download the app and walk, jog, run, or bike to help The Travelin' Rat earn part of the pool of money available for the month!

Tastefully Simple
Mention that your order is to benefit The Travelin' Rat!

Use code TTR2012 during checkout on vegan foods for a 5% donation to The Travelin' Rat

For rescues that we've helped, be sure to check out our page:

If you are part of or support a rescue that takes in rats and would like them to receive help from us, please share our info with them. We need them to fill out a Registration Form, and, if they would like to apply for Rescue of the Month, we'd also need a Rescue of the Month application (please note that the RotM program has changed slightly, we do have to make a few minor changes to the form).

We have had some very heartfelt notes back from the rescues we have helped. What we do is ONLY possible because we have amazing supporters! YOU allow us to keep on helping the rescues!  :heart:
The Travelin' Rat
Helping Rescues Wherever We Can!

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Re: A Few New Ways to Help The Travelin' Rat Help Rescues!
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2016, 12:00:54 AM »
Still time to get Boscov's shopping passes for Friends Helping Friends Day!

You can help The Travelin' Rat help rescues by buying a shopping pass for Boscov's for $5 to be used on Friends Helping Friends Day, Tues, Oct 18! For the $5 pass, you receive 25% off almost anything in the store that day, plus there will be entertainment, refreshments, and chances to win prizes (like Boscov's gift cards). For more details and how to buy a pass, check out our Ways to Help Us Help Rescues page. Boscov's are located in NY, PA, O, NJ, DE, and MD.
Thank you! And feel free to share!
The Travelin' Rat
Helping Rescues Wherever We Can!