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Cronic Sneezer
« on: September 26, 2016, 06:32:46 PM »
So I thought I would give yall an update on my boy, Chip. Chip was on the baytril and Dyoxcyciline for 10 days. At the very end of the course he was doing great! no sneezes, happy as a clam.
2 days after finishing the meds, I came home after being gone all day to find his nose crusty, he was gasping for breath, he was very warm to the touch and he was sneezing non-stop. To say the least i was panicked. I scrubbed his cage (even though I just had 2 days prior) replaced all bedding (I've been doing that everyday lately anyways) and gave him some of the extra Dyoxcycline I had. I stayed up all night with him, for fear of him nose diving while i was asleep.
the meds kicked in and he seemed to be feeling better by the time I got to take him into the vet that day.
Dr. Wellens had been an angel through this all. she told me she had been doing more research to make sure she hadnt missed anything.
We agreed that he was probably just very very sensitive to air quality on top of these little flair ups. He had doubled in size since our first visit so she wasnt overly concerned about him currently.
For now we are doing Clavamox 2 times a day for 3 weeks, and she basically gave me an open script as needed going forward.

He didnt have the same immediate improvement he had had on the baytril and dyoxcycline, but hes been feeling good.
Until today that is. It's our first truly fall-feeling day of the year here in Wisconsin; its chilly, the air is dry and pollen is high. hes been sneezing and wheezing all day. He even slept on my lap, which he's never done before. He's always given a little squeek if i was picking him up and he wasnt done doing what he was doing (ie stopping him from peeing on my pillows lol) but today I've noticed he's squeeking more, almost like hes a bit achy like when you get a cold.
The vet and I agree that he's probably just going to be a sickly kid going forward.

Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to keep his immune system up? and how to help him when he's this sneezy?
Right now I have an humidifier on half the cage, so that way he can decide if he wants to be in the humid or not. Later today Im going to take him into the bathroom and steam him for a bit. I just used up the rest of the bedding I had bought when I bought him that was slightly dusty, so we are switching to a less dusty bedding here shortly.

Keep Chip in your thoughts.
His brother Stew, I should mention, Is doing great. He's also doubled in size, finally letting me pet him and hold him, although hes still very skittish. He's just a nervous boy.

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Re: Cronic Sneezer
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2016, 03:39:22 PM »
Some rat respiratory infections can be very stubborn, and they often require longer treatment than the same problem in other animals.  Clavamox is a good medication, being a combination of clavanulate and amoxicillin; it further combines well with doxycycline, so if you don't see a marked improvement in Chip on the Clavamox alone, ask your vet to consider adding doxy to the mix.  Clavamox and doxy together should take care of any problem Chip is likely to have.  Clavamox/Baytril and doxy/Baytril are other combinations that can be very effective.

Whatever you do, be careful to administer the full course of treatment; don't stop if you see an improvement.  The reason is that you want to knock out all the bad bacteria, and if you stop too soon, all that you will accomplish is to breed a population of resistant bacteria that will be harder to treat the next time symptoms flare up.

Good luck, and may Chip return to full health soon!
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Re: Cronic Sneezer
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2016, 10:42:47 PM »
In my experience, 10 days on antibiotics is a pretty short course for a respiratory infection. Generally you need a few weeks to really kick it to the curb. With all the antibiotics he's been on I'd really suggest talking to your vet and looking for a probiotic to pair it with. Antibiotics kill a lot of good bacteria as well as bad. I hope Chip gets to feeling better soon, keep him on a dust free bedding and avoid using any irritants in the air (rule out aerosols and air fresheners). He'll be back to his bubbly little self in no time :)