Author Topic: gorgeous warm n cozy all fleece hammock set  (Read 743 times)

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gorgeous warm n cozy all fleece hammock set
« on: January 16, 2017, 06:29:27 PM »
7 pc all fleece hammock set for sale: XL safety net peek a boo pocket hammock, double decker, bunk bed, triple bunk aka honeycomb, 2 Stuffies pillows and big bundle of free matching fleece scraps. Stuffies pillows have an opening on one side, so that you can stuff in some treats like nuts, cereal bits, etc. Then you can watch your 'kids' have fun pulling the stuffing out to get to the treats. Great entertainment for you and them. Alternatively, you can stitch up the opening so they can use the pillows as, well, pillows LOL. Let me know if want me to sew the opening shut prior to shipping. Save $11 by purchasing the full set for just $50 plus actual shipping. (shipping estimate about $8)

IF YOU FOSTER FOR AN APPROVED RESCUE, YOU will get an additional discount off this already low low price!!

I am willing to break up the set but there will be no discount on the prices, single item prices are listed below.

set includes:
XL Safety Net peek a boo pocket h+Hammock is sized for CN/FN cages, it can be hung from one shelf to the side of the cage to make a level that acts as a safety net for older rats or rats with HED. $15
Large standard flat $6
Triple bunk bed aka honeycomb $18
bunk bed $10
Double decker hammock $8,
Two stuffies pillows $4,
Matching fleece scraps are free, just pay shipping.

PM or email me at 56ALTHEA @ gmail dot com if interested, please give me your zip code or postal code so I can calculate shipping for you.

001 by catnapt, on Flickr
005 by catnapt, on Flickr
004 by catnapt, on Flickr
003 by catnapt, on Flickr
006 by catnapt, on Flickr

paypal only, NO HOLDS, if you request this set or any of the hammocks in it, please be prepared to pay the same day, thanks!!

(a lot of ppl have expressed an interest but have not responded to requests for payment :/)

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Re: gorgeous warm n cozy all fleece hammock set
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2017, 08:32:43 PM »
SOLD to an MRR foster for a super discounted price

Hope the ratties like them