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May 2017 Rescue of the Month!
« on: April 30, 2017, 10:21:54 PM »
The Travelin' Rat's May 2017 Rescue of the month is: Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary from German Valley, IL!

Critter Camp is the only exotic pet sanctuary operated solely by volunteers that is USDA licensed & inspected, has 501(c)(3) status, and accepts only small, unadoptable, unusual pets - no wildlife, cats, dogs, or farm animals. Critter Camp has been in operation since 2004. We take in abused, abandoned, and otherwise homeless, small exotic pets. We provide the finest care for the least wanted pets - elder, aggressive, those with chronic illnesses, etc. Our ferrets have their own free range room and the rabbits and guinea pigs also have free range enclosures. All animals have out-of-cage time, as appropriate. Obviously, with these types of rescues, we have high veterinary and supply costs. We do not qualify for grant funding due to the pets being exotics and because we are a sanctuary, as opposed to an adoption center. We appreciate every supporter no matter how big or small ! CritterCampMom (Beth) has been suffering from severe Meniere's disease for 2 years, making it more difficult to  spend time raising funds as all energy is on caring for the animals.
The newest rescues include:
Ivix (a blind fennec fox)
Petey (an extremely old cockatiel, who is over 30)
Olaf (a mink- a fur farm escapee)

Most recent rat rescues:
In March, we took in a group of 20 rats from a domestic violence situation where a woman would not leave before her rats were placed because she knew her significant other would kill them and no place within 100 miles would accept 20 1+ year old rats. We also have some half wilds that were born to domestic pet moms (that went on little romps outdoors or in apartment buildings) too that are non-handleable.

Follow Critter Camp on Facebook and YouTube!

Sales of Frankie Finds Critter Camp, written by Beth Randall, benefit the sanctuary:
Heartwarming story of Frankie the ferret who loved his person Mindy, but when she could no longer care for him he found himself lost and alone. Follow Frankie as he heads out to find Critter Camp, where animals have a place to live out their lives when no one else will care for them. Along the way, Frankie meets other former pets like himself, each with their own touching stories. This book is based on true stories of real-life animals that have been cared for at Critter Camp. All proceeds benefit the 300 rescued animals living their lives safe, happy and loved at Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary.

You can help Critter Camp during the month of May by buying a Tee with both the Critter Camp and The Travelin' Rat logos on them:

Donations of ANY amount are greatly appreciated to help the rescue with food and vet costs. Thank you!

Thank you for helping Critter Camp continue saving lives!
The Travelin' Rat
Helping Rescues Wherever We Can!