Author Topic: Is 15 inches too tall?  (Read 4019 times)

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Is 15 inches too tall?
« on: May 02, 2017, 10:39:09 PM »
I am continuing my both of my trends (cluttering up this corner of the form and never having the correct cage).
I taking in a male mouse. He is going to live in a six gallon (136 sq in) until I can fix up my next largest tank, a 15 gallon which is 288 sq in. It is also 15 inches high.

Am I going to have ventaltion issues?

(On never having the right cage size- I currently have a three gallon (x- large critter keeper?- might use it as a cleaning cage), a 2ft by 1 ft wire cage (that has huge gaps in the bars- I'm pretty sure it would be situation of free range rodent), a six gallon, a fifteen gallon, a critter nation, and a critter trail. All of these cages; yet none the right size...  :doh: )