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Galvanized or Stainless Steel BASS pans? (and misaligned doors)

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 :wave2: Hi Everyone, new here and just picked up a used DCN. Thinking about going the route of felt, but still investing in pans just incase the felt route doesn't work out. So can someone explain the difference between the stainless and galvanized option? I'm assuming stainless is a bit less scent and stain resistant. I would paint them either way, or should I not paint stainless?

One last thing, the doors on the cage are a little off, especially the one on the top left, there is a decent bit of space between the top frame and top of the door (nothing a rat could escape from, maybe 1/4"... I just find it incredibly unappealing and tend to verge on a bit OCD) Is there an easy way to adjust it back into square? Or do I really have to just bang the entire section with the door with a mallet until it returns to shape? Everything fits together quite simply so I am not sure if it's a factory thing, or just being out of square.

Currently ratless but returning to rat ownership after a decade and a half of doing without. Doing things the right way and slowly putting together the perfect habitat, and doing all the research possible before bringing any babies home. Any and all advice greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for all the help and knowledge! What a wonderful source of information this place has been the past few weeks!  :heart: :bow:

Michael C:
Hello and welcome!

I had one full-sized Bass pan that I used on the bottom level of a DCN. I loved it. I usually used it with a loose substrate bedding and I placed fleece mats on the other levels.

Mine was galvanized steel and it was painted when I bought it (second hand). The paint was chipping off in places so I stripped all of the paint off with Aircraft Remover (gel, not spray) and then repainted it. You're right that the galvanized pans works best when coated because galvanized steel can absorb urine and odors over time. It's basically impossible to get smells out once they've soaked into the metal. Stainless steel shouldn't have that problem so the stainless pans wouldn't need to be coated.

If you're planning on painting them either way, it would be cheaper to go with the galvanized pans. I see no purpose in going with the stainless steel if they're going to be painted anyway.

It also might be a good idea to make some calls to get some price quotes on having the pans powder coated instead of spray painting them yourself. Powder coating can be more expensive but it's also more durable.

Awesome, that's kind of what I figured, but happy to have that confirmed! Splurge for stainless and just don't paint it... save money and create another project with galvanized ...  ??? ??? ???

Michael C:
I think some people like the ease of the stainless pans but I'm not a fan of the shiny metal look. I spray painted mine a dark gray color that closely matched the powder coating of the cage itself so the pan just disappeared. You could also paint the pans fun colors if that's what you're into =)

As for the misaligned door, you might just want to live with it. It could potentially be possible to pound on a hinge or bar or something to push it into the correct position but this could also result in irreparable damage. Unless it doesn't function with ease, I would just leave it be and try not to look at it too closely.

DCN's often need to be "persuaded" with a rubber mallet.  If you don't have a rubber mallet, put a piece of wood (at least an inch thick) over the spot and hit the wood.  That will protect the enamel from damage and help keep the frame from getting dented.

When I ordered my Bass pans, the stainless steel were so much more expensive than the galvanized that it was cheaper to buy the galvanized pans and get them powder-coated.  If you can find a place near you that does powder-coating (a lot of companies like to take on outside jobs, because it helps pay for the cost of running the oven for their own work), ask them if they have Tiger Drylac color #RAL 7043--it's an almost exact match to the color Midwest uses on the cage.  It's probably not worth paying a custom color fee, but if they have it anyway, it will make the pans blend right in.


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