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Silent Spinner Question


Hey guys!
I've been using a silent spinner for the last two years and it's great! My problem is very much user error -- I accidentally left the big yellow piece that attatches the cage out while I was the cleaning and my little ratty destroyed both blue rubber pieces. This is the second time this has happened and it's been a super expensive mistake  :doh:

 I just bought a new one last time bc I couldn't find any other options,but I'm in a tight spot and was wondering if anyone has found anyway to replace those little buggers.
  :bow:  :bow:  :bow:  I would be so grateful!!!

Been to the Mountaintop:
We were able to get a replacement just for the sandpaper strip that goes inside, but I can't remember where. Superpet? My first try is to go on Google.com, select "images" and enter keywords like in this case Silent Spinner and if too many hits add replacement parts and look for a picture for what I want. If I don't see it I default to the big guys with a similar search--amazon, ebay, petsmart, petco. You could always try Craigslist or local rescues and try to find a used one...


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