Author Topic: The Girls Got Their First Bathes Today~  (Read 314 times)

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The Girls Got Their First Bathes Today~
« on: January 08, 2018, 05:44:16 PM »
So I was hanging out with the girls, giving them some love. I then noticed how brown Rutabaga's tail was. It was pretty gross. So I decided it was bath time. Rutabaga was up first. At first she just wanted out of the water, but after I have rubbed the oatmeal shampoo in she decided it was a better idea to wash her face and shake the water off. Didn't like being rinsed off. Her favorite part was definitely being dried off. She was very calm as I gave her a little massage with the towel. She didn't even care when I was getting rid of old tail scales. She just sat there and cleaned her face.

Then there was Zucchini. She was talking the whole time. She had no desire to be in the water. She didn't want to be wet. She hated the shampoo. Zucchini squeaked as I first got the shampoo on her. While I was rubbing it in, she would take breaks from talking to squeak. Once in the towel, she was still not happy. Her little talking sounded so mad. My ruff translation would be something like "How dare you do this to me. I am not happy with you! No, I will not take that yogie! I can't believe you got me so wet. Fine, I'll take the yogie, but that doesn't mean I forgive you!"  :rattysmiley: