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Babies and Cage


Just out of curiosity, what cages are recommended for tiny babies? Like, 5-6 weeks old large-mouse sized babies.

I was planning to keep them in the Rat Manor, but now that they're in there it honestly makes me nervous they can get out of it (lol). I don't think their heads can squeeze through the bars (half inch spacing for those who don't know what the RM is) but i also know that a determined rat can and will squeeze......

I've never had babies this young/tiny before. My smallest girl, years ago, was probably baseball size when i got her (lol) and these guys aren't anywhere near that!

My boy Irish was about the same age when I got him. My critter nation cage worked perfectly.

Cages with 1/2 inch spacing (such as the Critter Nation or RM) are considered safe for rattie babies.  It's cages with 1 inch spacing (such as the Ferret Nation) where that's enough room for little ratlets to squeeze out.


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